The Guilds

The commerce guilds are appointed by the ruling counsel. Theses guilds divvy out the comers of the city, both regulating what areas of the fertile land there is for planting and the valued mine locations. Industry is conducted this way to insure “impartiality”. If any house seeks to take over a guild all other house are duty bound to oppose and destroy them by decree of The Ruling Counsel. They also handle all the trade in the city and regulate this trade. Any business must pay a membership fee for land, mining area, or the right to conduct their own non-house related business. Most of the mining area and farmland is taken by these “independent” business. There is little control or regulating in the way of labor policy or crime and no internal affairs to stamp out corruption. In recent years the mines have been yielding less and less. Investigation as to why and where new rescores can be found is ongoing and growing more and more necessary “well known secret."

Name of GuildProducts
Eight Purses BankCity Finances
Lolth's BladesForging of Weapons & Armor
The Bound MasonsMasonery
The WeaversMagical Iteams
Sarcs Food EmporiumAgricultural Foods & Livestock
Riloth n’ FishLiestock & Aquatic Food
Fungus AmongUsAgricultural Foods
Shrooms and Steaks and LibationsFine Foods & Drinks
Iron Monger Mithril and Adamantium

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