The Origins of Metharz & The Spider Queen Lolth

Welcome fellow Drow to Metharz the City of the Hanging Spider. I am High Priestess, Mistress of Lolth’s House Suluses Quen I reside in this great city of The Hanging Spider. It is in this city that my lady the Queen of Spiders weaves her webs of intrigue deception and power. One thing must be understood when you are here the Queen of Spiders is the ruler of this city her will is all, and her priestess are the arbiters of her plans. In this city only the strong, cunning, and powerful survive. This is Lolth’s will. Here you may win power and glory for your house, acquire riches for yourself and your guild, or fail and fall into nothing. All of this is to the greater glory of the Spider Queen. Know this for Lolth’s children ambition is the only way you will prove yourself worthy of the name Drow.

From the Author

In 2009 my bother read R.A. Salvatore's “War of the Spider Queen.” Our group started one by one to read "War of the Spider Queen." They were wonderful works of fiction painting a rich tapestry of a dark, cold, loveless, and evil world we dare not visit. So, one by one, they came to me and said Carl we want a Drow campaign. The loudest voice was from my brother who was enamored with the character of Pharaun and had the desire to play a wizard. At this point it was early 2011 and I was almost done dungeon mastering my latest campaign and I desperately wanted a break. So my bother and friend Garrett set out to do that for me. Over the next eight mounths I created the City of the Hanging Spider. I did as comprehensive a job as I know how and now that we have been playing in this city I know it still was not enough. I am creating this site to give to players and DMs the chance to share this city. The site will be a work in progress I will add new content to the site like maps, but for now there is information on Lolth the Drow Goddess, the history of the city itself, the three main institutions of the city, and the books I used to write everything. I will try not to break the fourth wall to much from this point on and if I do I hope to do it in the style of Metal Gear Solid. There are still things to invent and think of and I hope you as a dungeon master find it fun to make this city with a bit of your own creative flavor. I look forward to growing this site with more of the city. I also plan to add a way for you to comment. I look forward to reading your stories, comments, and criticisms. Who did you made the Shadow? Finally no DnD world is complete without great heroes or in this case villains, so to the player characters I wish you luck in Matharz. May your power grow by Lolths glory and her webs entangle all.

More about Lolth

Rule Books

This is a Campaign setting designed for level 1 through 20 it takes place predominately in the city its self and the outlying chambers. As the dungeon master you will need a DM’s guide, a “Monster Manual”, the “Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting”, the forgotten realms book“The Underdark”, also any of the character splat books such as “Sword and Fist” can be used. If you are using 3.5 any of “The Completes“ can be used as well. If you are in 3.0 it is recommended that the only cross over to 3.5 are “The Underdark” and the none magic ranger variant in the “Complete Warrior” or just the Ranger from 3.5 and not use an animal companion and give the clas a 10 hit dice instead. Rules for Druids and their pets are up to the DM’s discretion as the Vermin Keeper class in “The Underdark” uses 3.5 druid pet rules. This are the rule books I used to get started this does not mean you have to use them. Anything in the D20 system could work and Pathfinder is also a great set of rules to play in this world.

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