The Spider Queen Lolth

The Queen of Spiders is cruel and capricious. She is the embodiment of intrigue, deception, but most of all chaos and evil. Her blessings are bestowed to the drow who are most successful in the quest for power and station in society. She pits her worshipers against one another in this endless struggle. Her greatest gifts go to her priestesses. She exclusively give her spells to on female drow. In the end she revels in death, destruction and torcher, if a drow loses her favor be assured of the terrible fait which awaits them. Drow fear and revere their Dark Queen for saving them after their banishment from the surface world. All other races fear and despise the Spider Queen, since she is after all the greatest deity. Her webs incase all, and the world is her pray. Lolth is known to appear as a giant Black Widow spider, or her true form an exquisitely beautiful female drow. Her webs incase all, and the world is her pray.

The History of Metharz

Metharz was founded by five sisters, their house escorts, and slaves. These sisters left the city of their birth for the chance to win new lands and glory for Lolth. They found the Mithral and rich Adamantine resources in southwest side of the cavern that would become Metharz. These resources supplied the building materials for the First house of Metharz, The Handing Spider. The money from the rich trade of minerals and food grown near the lake Aracean fueled the sisters’ lust for more power. In the year 500 After Founding (AF) the sisters began the War of the Five. This war split the rule of the one house into five houses each baring the sisters’ given name as the house new surname. It also brought about the near destruction of Metharz many relics from the Hanging Spider fell into Lake Aracean never to be seen again. The simplicity of this tail beguiles its intrigues which formed the city of Metharz. These are your stories to tell and discover.