The Ruling Council

This council was first convened after a devastating war with Duergar in the year 556 AF. This war took place during and after the War of The Five, and brought about its end. After the five original founders split in the year 500AF (After Founding) the Duergar marauders sought to destroy the divided Drow. With the five sisters now established in their own houses that stand to this day in great stalacto, the city’s entrances and exits were well defended. If the sisters had not split and fought one another it would have spelled doom for Metharz.

While apart from one another the Five Matron sisters recognized the need for a common defense of the city they all held dear. Thus the Ruling Council was created and convened.

All political power rests in The Ruling Counsel of the Five Sisters. The council is made up of the five highest house in Metharz. Presently the first and greatest of the ruling houses is Suluses then, house Devor, next house Vronic and, house Sevoc, last is house Evoarac. Now the matron mothers are sisters in name only as the blood lines have been diluted over the millennia since the Great founding house spit into five. Over time each house has taken their turn as the first house and last in the ruling five but never has one of the founders house’s fallen to complete oblivion. A ruling council house is determined through the house’s economic standing with the trade guilds and the number of vassal houses each ruling house possess. Wars between the Five are played out with their proxies in the guilds and vassal houses. Only the ruling five can posess a vassal house. These vessel houses are made up from dozens of lesser houses. These lesser house vie for what little power is left to be had in the city and they covet the strength they have jealously.

They meet once a year and are in session for 80 days, or can be reconvened at a moment’s notice (this happens a lot) to deal with the pressing business of the city. While in the council chambers they refer to one another as Matron Sister to give the illusion of equality amidst the group.

The rules of the council

Lolth is the Goddess of Spiders and Chaos, she is our Queen. Drow shall hold no Goddess before or after her.

The Ruling Council of the Five Sisters of Metharz is the overriding authority in the city as Lolth is the supreme authority over Drow.

Only Houses that sit on the Ruling Council may have Vassal houses.

Houses that sit on the Ruling Council make all appointments except those dealing with the three schools of the city and appointments in houses to which the Matron Sisters claim as vessels.

To receive a penitence of nobility and have your nobility declared to the city one must have at least 4 yea votes of the Matron Sisters.

All other approval of activities must receive a 3 yea vote majority.


First Houes of Metharz, The Great House Suluses is the most powerful noble house in the city. It holds the most coveted administrative, military, and educational positions in the city. Recently Matron Mother Suluses, Cundra has been absent in counsel meetings and has sent a representing Suluses in her stead is her First Daughter Suluses Cenarv.


Second Houes of Metharz is The Great House Devor. The stalacto which makes up the house proper is located in the northeastern most section of the city. This location give House Devor eyes on the Great Spider Fortress which protects the main entrance to the city. Devor holds many prominent positions in the city particularly in the three schools.


The third house of the city is ideally placed next to Aracean Lake and is constructed in the last standing stalacto in the main cavern. House Vronic also hold a close position to the Great Spider Fortress and main entrance of the city. This has led historians to thing this house was the greatest after The War of The Five.


House Sevoc is adjacent to Vronic in power and location in the city. On the southeast side of Lake Aracean House Sevoc stands in a stalagmite and oversees The Drow Trade Quarter and all the lucrative trade which happens there. Matron Mother of the Great Forth House Sevoc has born the most powerful Judicator in the city Sevoc Seric.


The fifth House Evoarac is located in the southern most section of the city giving it proximity to The Drow Trade Quarter, which is a hot point of contention with Houes Sevoc. It also is near the gladiatorial arena which it has made trade deals with. House Evoarac courts lower houses on the rise for induction as vassals.

The Noble House of Del Fane

The Noble House of Del Fane is designed to be the starting house for the player characters.

The Noble House of Del Fane was founded 2712 years ago by Del ‘Fane Alyzyn. She was placed in the position of Matron at a very young age. The true force behind her ascension to early power is unknown. The house is a free standing structure in the Spider’s Trade Hub. This hub is central to the goods that are traded with other Drow cities and all other Ibolith if they have goods that are of use. House Del Fain is next to a chamber that houses 2 of the 7 guardians of the city. (It is also not well known, but the site of the great Spider fortress is where the god Selvetarm came to defend the city during the time of troubles. It is said he may return if the guardians fail but only if the city is still worthy in Lolths eyes.) The two guardians closest to House Del Fain are the twin brothers of the five sisters that founded city, the other guardians are the five sisters. All brothers and sisters are said to return in a time of their cities greatest need. This small off shoot cavern of the city proper in the secondary entrance to the city on the northwest side. Once she came of age Alyzyn shook off her would be puppeteers and ruled the lowest house in Metharz for 787 years living to the age of 837. During her rule she consolidated the next 4 houses into Del Fane. Alyzyn was succeeded by Del Fane Savannah lived for 500 years, and ruled for 400 hundred of them. During her rule Del Fane did not ascend and her daughters plotted constantly against her due to this weakness and she tragically died while ascending to Arac Divotuos when her magic mysteriously failed her. Zofka ruled for 556 years during this time Del Fane played a role in incursions into the 18th house. These incursions failed and house Del Fane lost much if its wealth and power, but despite its failure House Del Fane was not destroyed. This loss of station ended Zofka’s rule. Her Daughter Jocelyn ascended to matron and ruled successfully for 648 years never ascending instead she mounted a successful reconsolidation of power for the house and then before her strategies could play out she was murdered by a lover. Madeynn’s rule was the shortest and bloodiest in the years of House Del Fane’s existence and the house lost most of its power and money. After losing most of her wealth and influence her third daughter Delea killed her mother and 2 sisters in open view of the house and city to avoid losing favor with Lolth for her families incompetence. Today Del Fane Delea is the Matron Mother of the Noble House Del Fane and is plotting the re-ascension of her house. Noble House Del Fane is looking forward to the future with a celebration of Lolth’s will to gain new favor with the Spider Queen.

Vassal Houses

These vassal houses are made up from dozens of lesser houses. These lesser house vie for what little power is left to be had in the city and they covet the strength they have jealously. They seek to ally themselves in advantageous agreements with trade guilds, the schools, and most important of protection in the form of vassal hood to one of the ruling five houses.

House Name & RankMatron Mother Name & LVLSubservient to
Secor 6thSecor, Sellean lvl 19none
Dacan 7thDacan, Breca lvl 18Suluses
Stence 8thStence, Victenia lvl 17Devor
Barnilth 9thBarnilth, Naveana lvl 17Suluses
Sivl 10thSivl, Secnia lvl 17Vronic
Caris 11thCaris, Grenous lvl 17Suluses
Feln 12thFeln, Feorea lvl 16Vronic
Secor 13thSecor, Seveania lvl 16Devor
Rict 14thRict, Regieana lvl 16Sevoc
Sarcos 15thSacoos, Wimomeana lvl 15Sevoc
Zef Deln 16thZef Deln, Cavious lvl 15Suluses
Evolish 17thEvolish, Fimor lvl 15Evoarac
Straton 18thStraton, Smone lvl 14Sevoc
Zar Zos 19thZar Zos, Zeff lvl 14Devor
Illith 20thIllith, Cereano lvl 13Suluses
Drexl 21thDrexl, Sari lvl 13Vronic
Chen 22ndChen, Twea lvl 13Evoarac
Fens Clair 23rdFens Clair Criton lvl 13Devor
Del Fane 24thDel Fane, Delea lvl 12none
Saric 25thSaric, Cracon lvl 11none