Rule Books

When my friends and I started this campaign we had been playing in 3.0 Dungeons and Dragons for many years. Then we started to take a little from 3.5 and that’s where things stayed. We use many books from Forgotten Realms. None of this is what you have to do if you decide to play in the city of Metharz. Any D 20 system will work and in addition to being a big fan of DnD I would also recommend Pathfinder. Below is a list of the rule books we used in addition to the core rule books.

Underdark gives a very comprehensive look at the world below the surface. It is a must not only for any Drow campaign but any adventure into the subterranean

Any Drow city would not be complete without magic and lots of it. This book give you the feel of a world so permeated by magic you'll be swimming in it. These items are also very powerful which is another must for any respecting Drow.

As the warning suggests this book is not for kids or the faint of heart. It is a look at the truly dark side of magic and power. So I have to be in any Drow campaign.

Drow are sneaky scoundrels, need I really say more of why this book was used by everyone in the campaign. It was used to give a lot more depth to sneaking and infiltration.

Illithid are in many ways the only race in the Underdark that can give the Drow a real challenge. This book will help you mount that challenge.

This book provides a lot of variety for your wizards and sorcerers. Drow love variety and your casters will use this book to wield the true power of the arcane.

The real power of the Drow is in their Goddess. This book will help those playing priestesses to tap into thire full strength.

Last and in the Drow’s eyes least is a book that will hopefully prove to your players and the Drow that Fighters are not to be trifled with.