Arac Divotuos the school and High Church of Lolth

The priestess school of Metharz is the city’s collective crown jewel, a giant spider handing from the center of the city. This is how the city got its name. The church is a giant nexus of divine might is where the almighty priestesses of Lolth are schooled in the art of the divine spender of their Spider Queen. Treachery, and deceit are played out here as part of the greatest power grabs of all as the students and masters claimer for Lolths favor. Once the school was the first house of Metharz but after the five sisters split the great spider remained empty for some time. After the War of the Five the structure became what it is today. There is one high priestess mistress of Lolth’s house. This cleric of Lolth is the “undisputed” word of Lolth in the city she is High Priestess Mistress of Lolth’s House Seluses Quen she is the younger sister to the First Matron Mother of the city Suluses, Cundra. High Priestess Mistress of Lolth Quen has held her position for 100 years and for 50 years has been plotting her ascension to first matron mother a well know ambition. Though her plans are one of the most closely guarded secrets in the city. The rest of the clergy of Lolth are in there own power struggles for favor from there goddess. There are seven other High Priestess each caring a title that corresponds with one of Lolth’s seven portfolio aspects; High Priestess Mistress of Chaos Deali’ Branilth Anna, High Priestess Mistress of Drow Evoaroc Sefarian, High Priestess Mistress of Darkness Sevoc Aphrodix, High Priestess Mistress of Evil Marin Deacan Denth, High Priestess Mistress of Destruction Vronic Sarath, High Priestess Mistress of Spiders Suluses Sisera, and finally High Priestess Mistress of Trickery Devor Vices. Outside of its walls the young priestesses vey for power and station with in the city’s organizations and houses. The most important tenet of Lolth is faith in Lolth’s will and unquestioning obedience. The quest for ever more power in Lolths name means the week must be subjugated or destroyed none can or shall oppose the supremacy of the Spider Queen.

Arachainous the School for Wizards and Sorcerers

From the time after The War of The Five there has been a city wide school for the education of the cities arcane users. In the wake of the destruction in the war of five, the males of the city from the five great houses began the construction of the school with the blessing of the newly created ruling council. This effort was in the name of protecting the city from external threats and replenished the cities wizards to pre war strength. The females saw this as opportunity to consolidate there power within the houses which they considered to be where the true political power of the city lies. The males saw this and a degree of independence from there matriarchal rulers. In truth the school became both as well and a place of great arcane power. For hundreds of miles in every direction there is no greater concentration of arcane power in the under dark. For 5000 years the school has forge new wizards through cruelty deceit and infighting. Only the very best, brightest, craftiest, and above all ruthless survive the 10 years students spend here. The school is watched over by eight masters of the eight arcane schools. The Abjuration Master Devor, Pharthz of the 2nd house, the Conjuration Master is Sevink Sevoc of the 4th house, for Divination there is Master Devor, Judecus of the 2nd house, for Enchantment Master Hues, Gegdo commands magic of the mind, the Master Evocation Evoaroc, Evon of the 5th house, the Necromancy Master is Jorin Suluses of the 1st house, for transmutation Secar, Tanthoic for universal is Del Fet, Logent finally there is the master of masters the arch mage of the city for the past 500 years it has been the wizard Suluses Laneaus of the 1st house under he’s power and scrupulous eyes the school has flourished and accumulated vast wealth in magic items and ancient tomes of power as well and producing some of the finest authors of new spells the under dark has seen in recent memory. The rivalries between students and even teachers are as prevalent and just as deadly as those perpetrated outside these walls. In the test of wits truly only the best will survive.

Aracina Marshalis the Rogue and Fighter school

This school is where the males of the city come to train for the defense of the city in the army of Metharz. This army is made up a rotation of solders of the noble houses and thus a mutual location for training was established after the one became five. Most houses do not look at the school as a place for mutual defense but a deadly place to send their youth and test there worthiness to survive in Drow society. There are 8 masters lead by the greatest of the 8 and Lord Marshal of Metharz Sulues, Fadthion his victories in war and single combat are legendary in the city of the hanging spider. Having never met an enemy on the field he could not defeat no Drow or other race’s Champions have stood long ageist his perfect melding of the unorthodox great sword and dagger style that he has perfected. He is known for his habit of finding and defeating in signal combat the greatest warier of the opposing force regardless of race class or station. He is likely to be the father of most of both the first house’s Matron mother and High Priestess’s children. The other masters are mostly from the great 5 houses and then 2 lesser houses that boast exceptional warriors and one thought to be houseless drow (the shadow who has been the position of master spy and knows everything going on in the city from his information network. No one has ever seen or knows who or what he is) who survives strictly through cunning and usefulness. Aracina Marshalis. Itself is an enormous coliseum. There is a great fighting pit where the yearly final exams are taken. They face each other student against student. This grand melee is not to the death, but it is fought with great brutality. The last standing wins glory for Lolth and his Matron. Those who attend here will learn not only marshal skill but military tactics and servile skills and if you know where to look and who to talk to the skill of a spy and assassin.